unraveledthoughts asked:
I don't know him like you know him? That's extremely funny to me because I know every inch of him. And I talk to him everyday so I think I know him a little better than you. He's still my best friend but okay go ahead and hate me for something you literally know nothing about.

Anon I suggest you take this shit to her blog or something cause I don’t need all this bullshit ontop all the shit in my life already. If you hate her so much tell her not me. 

Anonymous asked:
Yeah she cares so much that she broke your heart. If you love him distance wouldn't have meant shit cause one day you'd have him. Stop lying to yourself you don't love or care about Brian. Listen you don't know Brian like we do. If you see him now he doesn't act the same you broke him and I hate you personally for that.

Who’s we? Knowing me personally? Idk who this is but if you are a friend of mine you would comfort me rather than insult my ex so recheck yourself. 

unraveledthoughts asked:
Dear anon, me and Brian's breakup goes beyond more than what you interpret. "Because I can't have you she shouldn't" is a great response to someone you care about??? I care about Brian more than anything and anyone but distance at a young age especially is so much harder than imaginable. Also, thank you to everyone else for all the support during this shitty time. Okay I'm done.